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27 March 2011 @ 05:49 am
This journal is now f-locked. I'm doing this because this journal will no longer have any fanfiction.
My yaoi and rated fics are all in my other journal, I'm not reposting any of those here.
While the ones I'm posting with these account can be found at whimsicallybare.
No fanfic will be posted here anymore, so I don't really have to befriend anyone that I don't know because of that.
But if you want to know me better, or if you already know me, feel free to click on that add them as friend button, but don't forget to tell me also.
Thank you~!
05 June 2010 @ 05:57 pm
i think i'm getting a new laptop - which i will be naming junsu. xD but the thing is... i need something under $650. O_O can someone recommend a notebook/laptop that's only up to 13'diagonal and is under $650. xDD i'd really appreciate it. my recent laptop was only a bit more than 12' and the size was just perfect for me. lol. i'm fine with something a bit bigger than that, but my sister's 15' laptop is too big for me. teehee.
28 February 2010 @ 03:02 pm


13 December 2009 @ 03:00 pm
someone sent this link to me, via fb. it's a personality test... and the results i got were both funny and quite interesting.

try it? xDD
22 October 2009 @ 08:41 am
liyin has come back... now i'm going back to csi miami fangirling. xD i used to watch the weekly episodes diligently. and then school happened. i mean school with late night dismissals (9pm + 1hour commute). i realized earlier tonight why my diligence stopped. i was hooked on csi before miami. and i was able to watch that transition episode. and the rest is history.

i was looking around for jundi fics actually. i found this site where fanfics for meteor garden, hana yori dango, and boys over flowers are posted. sigh. it's of one pairing only. soeul. xD so i went ahead and read. just the soeul fics... i wasn't much into the other versions so i focused on the korean characters. and well, there was this one fic that made me want to read junpyo and jandi instead. so i try search engines. i was lead to fanfiction.net. but the weren't jundi fics that interested me. xD the genre... and rating. lol. and i realized that there were fic for other shows too.

now, i'm craving for the show more and more. and craving for more eric and calleigh moments. teehee. there's so little of them. but right from the beginning i've been a shipper of their coupling. amp. now, i'm downloading the whole of season 7. and i found out that axn is showing season 7 but season 8 is already out. so we're late by a full season. pfffft. oh well. bid good luck to both my external hard drives. i hope they don't give up on my downloading habits anytime soon. xD

*sorry for the incoherent post.
27 August 2009 @ 05:14 am

Chocolate Truffles

A Fic Request Meme

16 July 2009 @ 01:52 am

so, my sister and cousin and i went out to watch the sixth movie of the harry potter series. i've been a hp fanatic since before i went into kpop. and although i'm not as into it as i was a couple of years ago, i still am a very big fan.

i really like david yates's take on the story. he didn't disappoint me with the order of the phoenix and he didn't disappoint me with the new movie. as a matter of fact, i hope that he'd be directing the movie for the last installment.

the latest movie has comedy, action, and drama packed into one. and the truth is, i felt like we were made to laugh early in the movie in exchange - or in preparation - for the tears near the end (which, i believe, is evident to every hp fan). although i would've loved more quidditch because really, there hadn't been any quidditch in the last two movies. but ron's shots in the supposed game were kind of satisfactory (in a good way - because there wasn't any golden snitch) and funny.

helena bonham-carter was so amazing. everytime she was shown i went shit, i love her xD bellatrix is so damned insane and wild and awesome. itdoesn'tmatterthatshewastheonewhokilledsiriusbecauseshe'sjustawesomeawesomeawesome! hermione and ginny were sooooooo pretty. lavender was hilarious and insanely clingy. and i think those little things - corny as they were x_x - made up for anything that the movie may have lacked.

unfortunately, the guy who was sitting beside me in the theater wasn't a fan. and he was so effing talkative and he kept taking his mobile and the light distracted me. and i nearly took my folded umbrella and whacked him so many many time. bow.

26 April 2009 @ 05:48 am
i started a new community. whimsicallybare will be my fanfiction community. it will house everything i've written for the past year onwards. i'm kind of fickle when it comes to my own personal journal, so i will post my fics there, instead.

join me???


 whimsicallybare whimsicallybare whimsicallybare whimsicallybare whimsicallybare 
whimsicallybare whimsicallybare whimsicallybare whimsicallybare whimsicallybare 
whimsicallybare whimsicallybare whimsicallybare whimsicallybare whimsicallybare 
whimsicallybare whimsicallybare whimsicallybare whimsicallybare whimsicallybare